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About Us

ETHS Boosters Purpose

The purpose of the ETHS Boosters is to encourage and promote all extracurricular activities at ETHS. We are the only Booster club in the Central Suburban League that supports fine arts and student activities, in addition to sports. We raise money through membership fees, direct donations, concession and spiritwear sales, and our annual fundraising benefit. ETHS Boosters also sponsors Senior Parent Day for sports teams, the Senior Sports Banquet, scholarships, the Crystal E staff award.

If your student is involved in an ETHS activity that needs support, please encourage the coach or sponsor to submit an allocation application to their Department Head for consideration during ETHS Boosters next allocations deadline.

How the ETHS Booster Club Allocates Funds

Annually, the ETHS Booster Club provides up to $100,000 in funding allocations to support requests from the fine arts, student activities, and athletic teams at ETHS.

The Boosters support extracurricular activities at ETHS by raising money through membership fees, donations, concession and spirit wear sales, and an annual benefit. These funds are then made available to Student Activities, Fine Arts, and Athletics to benefit ETHS students and enhance the quality of their extracurricular experiences.

Requests for funds are solicited twice a year: in October (Fall Allocations) and March (Spring Allocations). Activities sponsors, music/arts leadership, and coaches may request funds by submitting a funding allocation application to Boosters via their particular Department Head at school (Student Activities Chair, Fine Arts Department Chair, or Athletic Director). Members of the Boosters Allocation Committee meet with Department Heads to learn of each department’s funding priorities; allocation funds are limited, so not all requests can be approved. The Allocation Committee then brings its funding recommendations to the Booster Board for discussion and a vote.

The goals of the Boosters Allocation Committee are to:

  1. Be good stewards of the funds that have been contributed to and earned by the ETHS Booster Club;

  2. Benefit as many students as possible;

  3. Meet needs that have no other sources of funding;

  4. Enhance extracurricular experiences for as many ETHS students as possible.


  • The request must directly benefit enrolled students.

  • The requested funds must be used within 18 months.

  • Boys’ and girls’ teams within the same sport are encouraged to share equipment that is purchased with Booster funds.

  • Booster Club funds are generally not available for travel, meals or accommodations. Special situations may be considered.

  • Uniforms are the responsibility of ETHS. However, Booster Club funds may be requested for rain gear or other specialized garments.

  • Department Heads will notify coaches and sponsors when the allocation application window is open and will provide application materials.

  • If a request is more than $1,000, two bids are required from vendors.

  • A coach/club sponsor may combine funds from their Activity Account with a request for an allocation. Requests should be for amounts that exceed the balance in the Activity Account. If the account balance is significant, the Boosters may ask that Activity Account funds be used to help pay for the full cost of the requested item. Questions regarding Activity Account balances and details should be posed to the Department Head.

  • Boosters works hard to ensure that funding is divided equally among Student Activities, Fine Arts and Athletics (e.g. if $45,000 is available for a Fall or Spring Allocations cycle, each area receives as close to $15,000 as possible).

ETHS Boosters will notify applicants about the status of their requests as soon as possible after the Board allocations meetings. If you have any questions about the ETHS Boosters Allocations process, please e-mail  Leslie Geibel,  Isabel Reynoso Schultz or Lisa Roback, the Allocations Committee Chairs.

2020 and Spring 2021 Allocations

How are funds allocated for all of our great teams, activities and clubs?

Allocations for Spring 2021 


Student Activities 


Youth Technology Corps

  • 5 Arduino Robot Cars

  • 5 Arduino Starter Kits

  • 2 Gear Webcams

The Evanstonian

  • Softbox Light Kit

Students Without Borders

  • Matte Paper

  • Ink for Prints

  • Butterfly Tattoos 

  • Art Decal Pages

Video Production Club

  • Lens

  • Encoder

  • Follow Focus

  • Matte Box

All About Games*

  • 2 Xbox Series X

  • 3 Xbox Controllers 

  • 2 PlayStation 5

  • 3 PlayStation Controllers 

Student Activities 

  • Nikon Camera w/ Extra Lens

  • 4 Customized Cornhole Games

Community Service Club

  • Shelving for Food Pantry 

  • Storage Totes for Food Pantry

  • Shoe Racks

Filmmakers Club 

  • Various Equipment  


Fine Arts


ETHS Music 

  • Custom Masks for Musicians 

ETHS Winter Guard

  • Flags 

ETHS Marching Band 

  • Half Time Show Royalties 

ETHS Colorguard 

  • Flags

ETHS Video 

  • Drone 





  • 10 Badminton Racquets 


  • Insight Video Camera 


  • GoRout Units 

Boys Golf

  • SkyTrak Systems 

Boys Gymnastics  

  • New Set of Parallel Bars 


*Partial Funding Provided 


Fall and Spring 2020 Allocations

2020 Spring Allocations

2020 Fall Allocations


ACT All About Games games


ACT Community Serv Club cards

ACT Black History Month table skirt

ACT Community Serv Club fleece

ACT Books R Us Club author visit

ACT Community Serv Club sewing kits

ACT D&D club sets and storage

ACT Evanstonian iPad pro

ACT Evanstonian EOS camera

ACT Evanstonian microphones

ACT HOSA competition fees

ARTS Theater 2 moving lights

ACT Video Club equipment

ARTS Theater 2 way speakers

ARTS Ceramics Club clay

ARTS Theater iPad

ARTS Ceramics Club glazes

ARTS Theater microphone

ARTS Color Guard Flags

ARTS Theater Switcher Studio app

ARTS ETHS Dance rental lights

ARTS Theater wireless mikes

ARTS Graphics club ink

ATH Basketball 25 bballs

ARTS Marching Band half-time royalties

ATH Bowling ball bags

ARTS Marching Band Sound System phase 2

ATH Pomkits bluetooth speakers

ARTS Speech and Debate presentation stands

ATH Track 60 hurdles

ARTS Winter Guard flags

ATH Wrestling dummies

ATH Baseball pitching machine


ATH Basketball ball racks


ATH Fencing equipment


ATH Football coaching tower


ATH Gymnastics Landing mats


ATH Lacrosse helmets


ATH Soccer parkas


ATH Softball parkas


ATH Table Tennis tables


ATH Trainers Dumbell set